Edward Mandla
Dangerous inner city housing operation uncovered

Published On: 17/07/2014

Following a fire in an overcrowded property in Alexandria on July 2, the City Hub has identified a series of up to 150 unauthorised boarding houses throughout the city, all of which appear to be part of a single operation. An undercover investigation found dangerously overcrowded living conditions with tenants sharing small rooms with up to 5 other people with some even sleeping on the living room floor.

Liberal Councillor Edward Mandla told City Hub the City’s emphasis on procedures is to be blamed for the lack of action taken on these complaints.

“Council’s dysfunctional culture of too many processes and check-boxes has stifled out human ingenuity and common sense. We all pat each other on the back for following procedure but the problem is being completely ignored,” Cr Mandla said.

Dangerous inner city housing operation uncovered

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