Edward Mandla
Building Childcare Centres in Parks

Published On: 15/09/2014

I understand the importance of the City of Sydney getting on with providing Childcare facilities but Iím less sure whether it should be in our parks.

Already in this Council meeting, weíre proposing to build a farm in Sydney Park, move the child cycle park and now to build a child care centre in two parks. You take 1% here and 1% there and before you know it, the place becomes overgrown with government buildings.

I said last week, that Dan Murphyís seems to have little trouble finding big sites in our LGA.

We spoke last week in Committees, that we donít know what childcare will look like in the future and whether we need a small number of bigger sites or a big number of smaller sites.

I donít buy the argument that we need to own the land. Thatís very old-fashioned thinking. We give our tenants a lot of certainly and long term leases. We should consider leasing premises and it would give us lots of flexibility.

Thatís why Iím not supporting this item.

Edward Mandla
September 2014

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