Edward Mandla
Pyrolysis Gasification Of Rubbish

Published On: 15/09/2014

Nero must be somewhere playing his fiddle with glee. We are planning to do to garbage what he did to Rome. Iím just sorry I canít play the fiddle.

Iíve said it many times before, we should abandon the 2030 targets, weíre never going to make them and weíve lowered them twice from a goal to stretch to aspirational. Ratepayers need more than their government misleading them with targets that they know canít be achieved. This item is living proof is that we are desperately looking for anything to keep the target aspiration alive but weíre only burning cash and not garbage.

Without the boat anchor targets, this administration would be freed to go away and find some new original policy ideas, ones that it can actually implement to improve the lives of the people who live here.

Ones that are tangible and real. Ones that deliver value to Ratepayers and not just to Consulting firms. Lets do something useful like fix Oxford Street.

Iíve read the annexure and it is patently obvious there isnít a snowflakes chance in a pyrolysis gasification chamber that this administration will ever produce anything more on this project than Consultants reports.

Nothing will ever be made to disappear other than hard earned money from Ratepayers pockets.

If you have not read all the annexure may I suggest that you abstain from voting on this motion tonight?

The financial hurdles are too great, the regulatory impasse quite rightly is insurmountable and thereís a litany of failure in this concept that we donít really want to join anytime soon. Thatís before you even look at the NIMBY aspect. Who would want to live near a pyrolysis gasification factory?

Edward Mandla
September 2014

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