Edward Mandla
WestConnex - Another Consultants Report

Published On: 08/12/2014

What the Lord Mayoral Minute seems to be asking for is another open cheque for yet another consultants report.

Exactly two weeks ago we were briefed in this Chamber by the CEO of WestConnex. I was astonished by what I considered to be a cowardly attack on the CEO by the Lord Mayor and her Clover Moore Party Independents.

He was attacked with statements like he is locked into 50/60s thinking and I quote the catty line thrown at him: “if you haven’t noticed it’s 2014”.

Statements were made that avoiding 50-55 sets of traffic lights is a bad thing for Sydney – how?

He was accused that people will buy more cars. Well in the near future, the Lord Mayor may have to buy a car and will learn all about the costs of green slips, rego and insurance. Car running costs are a daily reminder to people to minimise their car ownership.

Guarantees were sought that cars could not exit into the city. Are we supposed to encourage commerce in the City of Sydney?

He was even attacked with: Do you realise how many Bike Paths could be built for the amount of the WestConnex? Probably quite a few I imagine.

Even Councillor Mant said “Let the man talk”.

I apologised to the CEO of WestConnex and would not be surprised if he never enters this Chamber again.

We have every right to question endlessly but it was unacceptable to have ambushed him and to have the City of Sydney portray itself as hostile road experts.

I’m worried we will now be cut out of any further discussions.

Edward Mandla
December 2014

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