Edward Mandla
Signs and Advertisement Controls

Published On: 23/02/2015

The aversion that we suffer in respect of signage appears to be exclusive to the city of Sydney. I am used to lengthy reports by now so I will simplify this. We are talking about limiting the right to communicate. People have been hanging out their shingle for thousands of years and the way this submission appears to deal with it is that it is something dirty or improper.

We have tried to define the undefinable. To some the Coca Cola sign on William Street is an Icon and a gateway to Sydney. To our people it is someone selling carbonated beverage in a shameless and improper manner.

The right to name a building is really a matter between Lessor and Lessee, I can see no reason why we would want to interfere with it. It is village thinking for Australia’s world city. They can sort it out themselves and arbitrary interference from us is neither desirable nor necessary.

It also appears to demonstrate a measure of disdain for businesses in the city and the part they play in its identity and daily life. I wonder about Times Square in New York which is littered with signage, iconic and mundane, yet no one seems to think that was a bad idea.

I would propose that we leave existing arrangements in place which are more than restrictive as it is.

Edward Mandla
February 2015

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