Edward Mandla
Chuggers: The Truth Behind the Clipboard People

Published On: 21/11/2014

Aussies love to hate charity muggers.

City of Sydney says it has no plans to impose greater restrictions on charity collectors, but Liberal councillor Edward Mandla — who has his sights set on the top job in 2016 — has other ideas.

“Apart from being mugged, there is little worse than being ‘chugged’ by an overenthusiastic, 50 per cent commission-only, backpacking charity collector that makes you shake their greasy hand on a hot day,” he said. “I think the general public would give out a big cheer if they were gone altogether.”

Cr Mandla says the City already has a specific footpath policy that prevents this kind of hard selling, but “there’s no money in enforcing it”. “The worn-out City of Sydney administration has an unofficial policy to ignore the official policy. The elections can’t come soon enough,” he said.

Chuggers: The truth behind the clipboard people

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