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Itís a Bit Rich for Clover Moore to Kick Out the Homeless

Published On: 12/02/2015

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore is being urged to spend more of the cityís spectacular wealth helping the homeless after council officers forcibly closed an inner-west shanty town, leaving 30 people without a roof over their heads.

City Councillor Edward Mandla slammed the councilís spending priorities after staff and police moved on the homeless ≠beneath the light rail viaduct at the northern end of Wentworth Park yesterday.

ďIt you live in Millers Point public housing and vote for Clover, you have rights; if you live in a tent in the park and donít vote, you get moved out,Ē Mr Mandla said. ďItís hard to accept that, in one of the worldís richest cities, with one of the richest councils, we havenít been able to take care of the less fortunate.Ē

Itís a Bit Rich for Clover Moore to Kick Out the Homeless

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