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SIA: Mandla proposes alternate plan for growth

Published On: 12/03/2015

City of Sydney councillor Edward Mandla has called for a complete revision of the CoS Southern Industrial Area (SIA) plan or risk dampening growth in NSW.

“The poor decision-making of the CoS will condemn this state-significant area to industrial archaeology by creating a business park that will compete with Macquarie Park and would take 100 years to get fully tenanted,” Councillor Mandla said.

Cr Mandla's alternate proposal includes 30 000 residencies, as well as workspaces for 50 000+ working professionals in the area. During question time, Councillor Mandla said that this plan for the SIA wasn’t just about building only more housing and that’s it, but about “building housing and transport” to that housing.

The land is located close to the CBD – at only 3km from the airport as well as close to several hospitals and universities – and as a result of that, want to create new, separated cycle-ways, a new Light Rail from Central to Mascot, and an additional train station on the Airport Link line called “Doody Street” between Green Square and Mascot.

SIA: Mandla proposes alternate plan for growth

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