Edward Mandla
Millers Point Redfern Legal Tenant Support

Published On: 27/04/2015

I have no doubt that the Redfern Legal service is providing a fine service to the displaced residents of Millers Point. At face value, it appears this service is widely used.

However, every way I look at this item, the City of Sydney has no business providing ratepayer money to fund this service.

This is clearly a State Government matter. That is unless, Housing NSW and the Minister are failing the residents of Millers Point, failing in properly explaining their rights and failing in housing them properly.

When I asked this question in Committees there seemed to be back peddling on the State Government’s performance and no one was prepared to say that the government hasn’t performed to a high and compassionate standard.

The item mentions that some tenants are being well-managed. It doesn’t mention those that are poorly managed. My understanding is that it is a “gold plated” service.

So I’m unconvinced by the City of Sydney proposition that the majority of tenants aren’t being well looked after by the State Government.

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