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Quarterly Budget Third Quarter FY15 May 2015

Published On: 18/05/2015

We’ve pretty much lost a small fortune in the Rangers Unit. From December 1, 2012 to November 30 2013 we lost $2.4M and from December 1, 2013 to November 30, 2013 another $2.6M. From December 1, 2013 to end of financial at least another $2M.

So in round numbers we’ve squandered at least 7 million of ratepayers money through mismanagement.

I raised three problem areas last week and had to experience a cowardly attack. So I’ve got some more information for the Chamber but I thought I’d summarise what we’ve learnt from my Questions on Notice and investigations into the Rangers Unit.

(1) Everyone by now knows that last year I raised the Warfield Report which investigated complaints and grievances made by the staff within the Rangers Unit.

Initially, no one had heard of this mythical report but its existence was reluctantly confirmed in a subsequent meeting.

Today, this report is unavailable to journalists under freedom of information, just unbelievable.

We demand the state government provide the most minute disclosure on the Westconnex and Barangaroo but here, as we know, pretty much everything in the City of Sydney is “confidential”.

I’ve put in my own request to have the report delivered to me – we’ll see what I get – very little or nothing I suspect.

(2) A new roster came into effect on November 15, 2013 and it’s widely acknowledged the roster was unpopular. I understand it smashed morale.

(3) Average sick leave days over the last two years are 19 and 16.1. That’s a staggering number for any business and a lead indicator of trouble.

(4) Staff turnover is an impressive 16% and 11% - up from 6% the year before. Yes it’s hard being a Ranger but apparently harder in the City of Sydney than neighbouring Councils.

(5) Permanent staff is constant but casuals are significantly up.

(6) Average infringements per Ranger have plummeted each year.

(7) Plenty of residents are complaining of under enforcement.

(8) We don’t have parking infringement quotas but we expect Rangers to do the average number and there’s plenty of harassment if you’re below twenty parking fines a day. Pity we don’t have the same rigour applied to our 2030 carbon reduction targets.

(9) We’ve had a casualty. That’s the Head of the Rangers Unit. Disappeared into some special projects black hole but that’s confidential.

(10) Layers of management promoted off the floor to ensure information never flows up to the top. The main recommendations of the Warfield Report no doubt are “serious management problems”.

(11) In January 2013 an internal audit was conducted into allegations of nepotism, confidential of course.

(12) Now the Lord Mayor and CEO have been handed correspondence voicing concern with “the mental health of the unit”. It pleads to “eliminate bad management for the sake of your workers mental health”.

But of course, there’s no connection between bad management, poor mental health of the unit and losing millions. All of a sudden the people of Sydney had realised the error of their ways are now more parking complaint. Perhaps they’re all riding bikes.

It is plainly wrong for any Councillor to support this. So I’ve going to help I’m moving an amendment.

(F) The Council note there is a possibility that the millions lost in enforcement income may be more than improved community parking compliance and that the CEO go to tender for a full management consultancy evaluation of the Rangers Unit and it’s management going back to 2011.

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