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Motions lost due to the Casting Vote

Published On: 31/07/2013

24 June 2013 Touting in China Town by Councillor Mandla

Edward Mandla moved a motion to stop the practice of touting in China Town which was hurting local businesses. The Lord Mayor used her casting vote to defeat this motion. Incredibly, Councillor Kok who proclaims to represent the Chinese community and has stated that he is the voice on Council for the Chinese community supported the Lord Mayor in defeating this motion.

13 May 2013 Code of Meeting Practice amendment by Councillor Forster and Councillor Vithoulkas

Councillors are not given much time to submit motions after committee whereas the Lord Mayor has right up t the start of the Council meeting to submit motions. Councillor Forster and Councillor Vithoulkas moved amendments to give Councillors more time to submit motions. The Lord Mayor used the casting vote to defeat these amendments.

25 February 2013 New Years Eve Party by Councillor Forster

Each year the City of Sydney Council puts on an expensive New Years Eve party payed for by the rate payers. The guest list is dominated by the Lord Mayor’s friends with other Councillors only allowed to invite four guest (down from previous allocation of ten guests). The Lord Mayors invites hundreds.

Councillor Forster moved an amendment to make the guest list more inclusive. The Lord Mayor used the casting vote to defeat the motion thus ensuring she continues to be able to invite along all her friends.

10 December 2012 Resident Parking in Erskinville by Councillor Scott

Highlighting resident concerns on the limited parking regime implemented by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Scott moved a motion to introduce visitor parking permits and 15 minute free parking zones. The Lord Mayor used the casting vote to defeat the motion and continue her anti car policies.

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