Edward Mandla
Lord Mayoral Minute, Westconnex

Published On: 29/06/2015

This is precisely the act of vanity I would expect to see at the end of a tired administration thatís dead on its feet. A Taxpayer funded protest coordinator. I remember fondly the rent a crowd that turned up when the broader community voting arrangements were expanded last year. $65,000 dollars and not enough people turned up to fill a canoe.

So go ahead and hire your Taxpayer funded protest coordinator to rouse your rusted on rabble whose noses are out of joint because the world might change. You canít stop the Internet, Uber, Airbnb, eBay, Amazon and Lord Mayor you canít stop the Westconnex.

This transport package was part of a general election campaign, if you want to run a separate Government in exile from Newtown I wonít try and stop you. Westconnex has the legitimacy of the ballot box.

Why donít you get your driver tomorrow to take you to Westmead hospital at 5pm and then come back Ė youíll see we need infrastructure and the people of Sydney are happiest when they see building. Thatís why Mike Baird is so popular.

Increasingly, I find you very ageist Lord Mayor. You want everyone to walk, cycle or catch public transport. However, we have an aging population and as we get older we just donít have this type of mobility.

Weíre building apartments like never before and our population is going to soar by 1.6 Million over the next 20 years. These people need deliveries and without a road network itís going to be unproductive and it will hurt us becoming a global city.

In this Chamber, two weeks ago the Transport supremos said that they expect a 30% increase in pop in and pop out visits into the city. Elderly people canít just pop in on a bike. We need all forms of connected transport.

Lord Mayor, everyone has worked you out. You understand the political science of concentrated benefits to your elites while you disburse the costs to the many. That wonít be lost on the many when they cast their votes next year and deliver you some form of minority. I look forward to reminding them what you did with their Tax dollars.

I will also enjoy driving on a new Freeway as I go about business all over Sydney, which is under construction as we speak and you might think this is your lightning rod of protest, to everyone else it just illuminates that you speak for the few at the expense of the many.

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