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Bourke Street Waterloo Shared Bicycle Path

Published On: 29/06/2015

In 2013 in this Chamber we learnt that wed been surveying people on Shared Paths. What we found out was that 50% of people feel safe in a Shared Zone. That means that 50% are troubled and dont feel safe. That is on any version of events, too high a number. If you extended that to any other activity such as crossing the street or going to work, it would be declared a disaster.

We know cyclists speed on Shared Paths against the 10km/h Advisory Speed Limit.

I understand that the Austroads Gridlines on Shared Paths are that they should only be put in where either bicycle demand is low and pedestrian demand is low OR bicycle demand is high and pedestrian demand is low AND bicycle speeds can be kept low.

Were trying to encourage pedestrians and cyclists, have a growing population plus we know that we cant really enforce any speeds limits. So were not fitting the criteria for a Shared Cycleway.

In our papers we note that all Bicycle Groups that have been consulted with strongly advocated for a separated cycleway.

The community submissions felt that a separated cycleway was a better option that the proposed Shared Path.

Half the submissions raised corners around busy pedestrian areas, commercial building driveways, bus stops and bike rider behaviours on Shared Paths.

Weve learnt a lot about Shared Paths since we approved these plans over a year ago.

I think Shared Paths are dangerous and a risk for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The Cit of Sydney sees what it wants to believe. The strength of our conviction on this matter has led us into error.

Once again, we appear to have chosen not to listen to the community and the experts. We should not build this Shared Bicycle Pathway.

When 50% of a population does not support your view, its time to be prepared to re examine your reasoning.

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