Edward Mandla
CEO Reappointment

Published On: 10/08/2015
The delegation requires the CEO to be appointed in consultation with Councillors. I would not consider verbal notice fifteen minutes before a Council meeting on a Lord Mayoral Minute as meeting that requirement. That sounds more like ruse.

Regrettably, the CEO and Lord Mayor are viewed as birds of a feather. You are both joined at the hip. Itís bad look at looks opportunistic. Itís certainly not a model of good Governance.

Shortly we face a new voting Franchise, things may well look very different in this Chamber. There is no reason to burden Taxpayers with severance costs should the next Chamber have other views in respect of who holds this important position. We would not like having it done to us if the previous Council was vastly different to this one.

And if its good enough for more junior staff, such as every Councillor support office having a contract that expires one month after the election, then its good enough for the CEO I am sure.

I would therefore ask you all to let the tenure of this position fit the franchise, and everyone can make their own arrangements accordingly with ample notice to do so. A contract extension to six months after the next election seems entirely appropriate.

I move that amendment.

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