Edward Mandla
Approval of Retractable Urinals (Pissoirs)

Published On: 10/08/2015
I believe this is the third time that pissoirs have made their way into this Chamber to provide “comic relief”.

This time it’s got a dollar amount attached to it and there is good reason to be “red faced”.

With all the problems the City of Sydney is facing, I can't see any justification for spending $350,000 over a ten-year period for a single pissoir for one participant that rises out of the ground with a annual estimated raising and lowering cost @ four times per week of $4,000.

We're told that drunken men in Europe enjoy open-air urination into these monstrosities and that seven are initially planned for Sydney, that’s a cost of at least $2.5M.

I'm not sure whether drunken European woman watch or participate.

The City of Sydney should wash their hands of this ridiculous Lord Mayoral initiative, which is something participants won't be able to do, as they don't come with any hand washing capability.

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