Edward Mandla
Energy Efficiency Master Plan

Published On: 10/08/2015
When we first advanced this Master Plan back in February I referred to it as a solution without a problem. Now itís pretty obvious that we are the ones with the problem, but this is no solution.

When it comes to producing pie in the sky schemes in a non-core area we know nothing about, we are the Masters. Iím starting to think Lord Mayor, spending millions on fruitless and unreadable reports, is your substitute for achievement.

Which part of ďwe are a Local Government and not a UtilityĒ donít you get?

How much more Taxpayer money at 11 million dollars and counting do you plan to waste on these utterly fruitless energy frolics?

Youíve wasted tens of millions of dollars without result, when are you going to give it up?

How many people at this table have had a Constituent come into their office and demand something be done about their power bill? Iíve have never seen one.

But I have a long line of people telling me that we canít perform our core functions and make their life miserable.

You donít have to look too far to see what a complete waste of time this exercise is. This Local Government Area according to Ausgrid already has the lowest usage per household at 10kw per day. How low is it supposed to be?


When it comes to listening, itís becoming well known that we donít like it. This administration was waxing lyrical last year about its dreamy trigeneration ambitions, which are nowhere insight and have generated nothing other multi million-dollar failure.

I had to laugh at the community consultation that was engaged in here.

Just over a year ago, you were telling anyone who would listen about Stocklands trigeneration and all manner of other pipe dreams. Stocklands have now turned their trigen plant off!

And by the way, did you get the memo that energy use in this state has been declining for nearly a decade, without a finger being lifted by the City of Sydney?

I can tell you that I have visited plenty of mid-tier commercial buildings and seen our Taxpayers at work, installing regenerative elevators, magnetic bearing compressors, removing Ozone depleting refrigerant and installing Building Management systems.

But they didnít do it because we told them to or made them do it. They do it because they understand and care more about their asset than we do.

And it shows, they have saved tens of millions of watts of electricity, we havenít generated a single watt!

This Master Plan is a vast over reach to the Pitt & Sherry report. The last mandate supposedly received on this was a piece of push polling on 500 faceless people that supposedly gave the now utterly stale 2030 program its legitimacy.

Given this administrationís disgraceful loss of millions of dollars on trigeneration, the only proper place for this Master Plan is to defer it to the next election. If someone wants to make it the subject of an election good luck to them. We should not be foisting another round of waste and regulatory drivel without a mandate.

There are about 150,000 new constituents in the next poll and they were never asked about this. You can ask them at the election while youíre telling them you never wanted them voting to begin with.
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