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2014 - 2015 Quarter 4 Financial Review Misrepresentation

Published On: 10/08/2015
Two Council cycles ago, Councillor Green told us how the City of Sydney is the best government in Australia.

Since then it’s been scandal after scandal and all of a sudden that best government in Australia is very shaky indeed.

For over a year, our financial statements have a lie attached to them. And that is the millions of dollars lost in enforcement revenue (a quarter of the budgeted amount) are lost because all of a sudden after fifty years, people are now more compliant.

Someone’s closing a five million dollar deal and they say “hold the deal until next week, I have to go because I am now parking compliant”.

The Daily Telegraph has run not one article or two. Five chapters have been dedicated to the mismanagement of the Rangers Unit, one Lord Mayoral Minute and the CEO basically moved down there.

But there’s nothing to see there. There’s nothing that would affect enforcement revenue.

Certainly a 98% redacted report into complaints and grievances made by the staff within the Rangers Unit wouldn’t’t have any impact on morale?

Miserable rostering wouldn’t affect enforcement income would it? What about huge staff turnover? Staggering sick leave? What about a CEO trying to hose it all down and saying whatever you want, you can have?

When compliance revenue starts to rise will we be putting it all down to those new uniforms we have promised? Why would all the attention be given to the Rangers Unit if it wasn’t a major problem which is impacting compliance revenues?

But this is the best Council in the world.

Ranger problems? Nothing to see there. Move along.

Park worker problems, being handled internally.

Problems in our community centres, a figment of someone’s imagination.

You can be the best Council in the Galaxy, if you bury your head in the sand and ask the mirror on the wall “Who is the fairest Lord Mayor of them all”.

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