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Funding The WWF

Published On: 14/09/2015
Lord Mayor, I always love it when you quote the 97% thing about climate change. You got 500 of your people in a room and what a surprise, they all agreed with you. You’ve been riding that mandate ever since. Tonight you’re asking for this gravy train to graduate to a gravy plane.

Now you would like to bring out the little battlers from the World Wildlife Fund for another cargo cult meets gab fest par excellence. And for this, the Taxpayer will be footing a $30,000 bill to pay for the Canapés and probably a juggler to perform.

I find it hard to sympathise with an organisation that has 227 million dollars in the bank already. They’re just getting by at their headquarters in Switzerland.

I’m sure their delegates would simply love a Lobster run to Sydney. After all, it’s starting to get cold up North this time of year.

Sure they will all want to talk about your favorite subject of climate change as they head in a Taxpayer funded taxi at the speed of sound to Bondi Beach.

May I remind you that we are a Municipal Government and that perhaps from time to time our Taxpayers might actually like the money spent on them, not the 500 acolytes that you got to agree with you years ago on a policy everyone else has forgotten about.

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