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Lord Mayoral Minute Call to Stop Westconnex M5 Tender

Published On: 14/09/2015
Lord Mayor, the lateness of your Mayoral Minutes are always a source of “melody and mirth” in our office. This one arrived at 4:36pm.

This Westconnex item reminded me of Marrickville Council boycotting Israel. In Tel Aviv they would’ve surely laughed so much they needed an oxygen tent.

I’m pretty sure your request to halt the M5 Tender process will receive the same response in Duncan Gay’s office.

“That’s our Clover”, he will surely remark, “running a State Government in exile from down at Town Hall”.

Grasping your SGS report in the same way Marxists once waved around a copy of Das Kapital, no one outside this chamber is going to take you seriously, particularly the people of Western Sydney.
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