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Published On: 29/02/2016
I think this is the 5th Lord Mayoral Minute on a project that touches the fringe of one part of our Local Government Area.

Cr Forster has asked a Question on Notice in today’s papers on how much has been spent on media and City of Sydney direct mail propaganda. Besides the hundreds of thousands spent on these SGS Reports, $26,184 was spent on direct mail in the 2014/15 - which was borderline campaigning against the State Government election and Mike Baird. Really poor form. This financial year another $13,100 has been blown

You’re not going to stop the WestConnex. The people of Sydney overwhelming want the Westconnex and love the infrastructure work of the Baird government.

It’s a bit like betting on Sportsbet against Donald Trump winning Super Tuesday, you’re pouring rate payer money down the toilet.

I picked up the Open Road at the oculist the other day and I asked him whether I could take it so I can read out bits in the Chamber. He said only on the proviso that you waive it around at the Lord Mayor.

She gets driven around why is she so anti car for everyone else? Indeed.

The NRMA who I am sure you will besmirch after my speech, said “we fought hard for the NorthConnnex and the Westconnex”. They want commitment that “after decades of prevaricating and inaction, Greater Sydney’s Orbital road network may be completed.”

The aim of Westconnex, as much as the Lord Mayor would like us to believe, is not to incentivise people to drive to the City. It’s to create a ring road around Sydney which duplicates our current suburban transport routes to get trucks, buses and commercial vehicles away from your house on Stoney Creek Road, Parramatta Road, Pennant Hills Road and Botany Road and onto a motorway and in tunnels where they can count on not being stuck in traffic and making their deliveries on time.

The word the NRMA used “prevaricating” applies to you Lord Mayor, it means to speak falsely or misleadingly; deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression. That’s exactly what you have been doing on the Westconnex from the start.

The Sydney Morning Herald, who are the Lord Mayors biggest supporters, recently wrote that “Clover Moore's priorities need a refresh, if she's running for lord mayor again.” In other words, Sydney 2030 is stale and the Lord Mayor has run out of ideas.

All you’ve really done this term is make consultants rich. Tens of millions on trigeneration reports and endless Master Plans that will never come to fruition.

I’m going to call out what all the money spent on Westconnex really is. It’s funding your election campaign. You need to pull your policy socks up.

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