Edward Mandla

Published On: 29/02/2016

This is another major failure of one of your cornerstone policies of what has been a very ordinary and uninspiring term as Lord Mayor.

The T2 cycling activity centre, from the start has been marred by it being rushed through before the community realises a great piece of historical property is being squandered.

Few in this Chamber saw this project being anything other than an unworkable financial disaster.

It never made any sense from the start. We were looking for tenderers to balance a range of conflicting cycling activities including running community bike events, host films and talks, conduct repairs, sell bikes, rent bikes, be a one stop shop for cycling information, manage industry groups as well as sell coffee and cakes.

In an item which is basically an admission of failure, itís not surprising to find it drowning in unrelated cycling statistics. Itís like the Captain going down with the ship.

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