Edward Mandla

Published On: 16/05/2016

Westconnex barely enters the City of Sydney. The prospect of successfully challenging something that we have no interest in is negligible

While this plays well to fringe groups, the rest of the residents have other things in mind for the Federal election.

I note the the Lord Mayor’s position on the WestConnex is exactly the same as the Green Left Weekly’s.

It’s like the Lord Mayor is living a life in a “fringe bubble”, not considering greater Western Sydney, not considering fast access to Westmead Hospital, not considering Parramatta Council’s enthusiam for the project.

Meanwhile “the City will continue to oppose the Westconnex project by not granting Sydney Motorway Corporation and other agencies access to City land for geotechnical and other associate work”. That sounds like an offence to me.”

I guess this is your lightning rod issue Lord Mayor and with it I guess you’re launching your Lord Mayoral re election campaign.

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