Edward Mandla
Reg and Jill Powell

Published On: 16/05/2016

Declaration of Residents Backyard As Public Road

A great deal has been said about this motion, much of which is incorrect, and Iím hoping I can clarify the issues for you and assist the chamber in resolving the matter which is less complicated than it is made out to be.

First things first, the City of Sydney does not own this land and it never has. The search I have circulated this evening clearly demonstrates it is not our land to deal with, it belongs to a deceased estate of James Onslow. So for starters we cannot deal with the land to dedicate it as a public road, we would need to acquire it in any event.

And secondly, we will never be building a road through this area in any event, it would be a road to nowhere going past Reg and Jillís patio.

So this is not a land grab, as its certainly not ours to grab. If anything, we are the ones doing the grabbing.

This relates to the quiet enjoyment of a tiny piece of land that belongs to a deceased estate and until we showed up and started throwing our weight around, wasnít causing anyone any trouble.

This matter has been floating around for years and the correspondence on it is lengthy. But the two retirees who are here with us tonight in the chamber do not seem to have ever done anything wrong.

So after five months, I am hoping that the City of Sydney who should know all on land rating and management, can deal with what should be a straightforward matter.

If anyone can prove that we own this land, now is the time to furnish your documentary evidence that proves it. Thus far I have seen nothing. Just give the Chamber the piece of paper.

Similarly, now is the time to withdraw the Gazettal. I have been told that it canít be done and I don't believe it. As far as I know Gazette items are withdrawn or amended on a regular basis. We can do it and we should do it until we can work out what is going on here, because the documents appear to indicate we donít.

And if we have made a mistake with this, lets just take another look at it and resolve it. Thatís what we should do when we make a mistake as it appears we have done here and not interfere in the lives of two retired people who have otherwise done nothing wrong and mean no harm to anyone.

What Iím asking for is that call the dogs off until the clients application is heard.

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