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Published On: 27/06/2016

It’s a big and long Lord Mayoral Minute this one and very noble. What concerns me is (K) which is the City of Sydney spending money and I guess once the plebiscite campaigning begins to publicly support same sex marriage with ratepayer money.

That’s what happened with Brexit. Councils, politicians and large companies started telling the public what to do. It turned them off.

I’m a bit of a punter and once I saw out of touch bureaucrats telling people what to do, I had no hesitation in having a flutter on the leave outcome.

The biggest threat to same sex marriage in Australia is Councils, politicians and large companies telling Australians what to do.

For example Lord Mayor, the ordinary Australians in Sydney’s Western Suburbs that are needed to vote “Yes” for same sex marriage are the very ones that you frequently look down on.

People in the west despise you Lord Mayor over your shameful waste of money on funding protests and professional protestors for the Westconnex.

The City needs to be very careful once this plebiscite is on as it has the capacity to turn voters off.

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