Edward Mandla
Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre Cogeneration Project

Published On: 27/06/2016

When I reflect over the last four years, I can’t get over the ten to twenty million that has been vaporised with our obsession to generate electricity from gas.

We’ve gone from powering precincts to a couple of swimming pools.

Why? I guess it all started with poor advice from an imported expert who himself stoped believing and flew the coup.

Australians all want to be more energy efficient and to have a cleaner planet. But it’s got to make sense. This cogen/trigen will never have a return on investment and that’s because it’s the wrong technology.

Because we’ve blown tens of millions on this, we just don’t have back bone to say it was a mistake and we need to move on. Now one in this Chamber would themselves install trigeneration into their own house – it’s lunacy.

Australia will never be powered by trigeneration.

We’re going to blow another seven-digit number here so that we can put a footnote into a glossy annual report that says “pool powered by cogeneration” – whatever than means.

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