Edward Mandla
External Memberships

Published On: 26/08/2013

Half a million for external memberships seems extravagant.

Thats about a quarter of our homelessness budget.

A mind-boggling number that would stun any other Council in the state. I ran this number by some Leichardt Councillors and they said if we only had half a million we could do so much for the community.

Im half tempted to run a motion next week that we suspend all external memberships for a year and take the 250 homeless people we have for a weeks holiday at least the benefit would be tangible.

However, I understand that things like external memberships can easily get out of hand these groups can be very charming and many just force themselves on an organisation.

If we had to tighten our belts wed find plenty to cut. I believe any level of government should run lean.

Im certainly considering a motion for next week, that a re-evaluation of these external memberships occur and that we place a classification on each one of:

  1. Essential
  2. Nice to Have
  3. Not Essential

Moving to Sustainable Business Australia, my understanding is that this group helps businesses to sell their sustainable wares we dont have any sustainable offerings to sell.

I couldnt see any other Council that was a member and the City of Sydney stood out us a rather odd member.

So I ask the question and Id like a hand on heart answer is this membership:

  1. Essential
  2. Nice to Have
  3. Not Essential

Edward Mandla
August 2013

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