Edward Mandla

Published On: 29/07/2013

I’m not going to go into the detail of what I said last week on this item but would like to make some statements supporting my amendment:

  1. I was worried last week the pissoirs marred what was otherwise a“solid” toilet policy
  2. So I asked for the pop-urinals removed from this item and treated as a separate item for additional consultation and design
  3. Certainly our documents didn’t provide any designs or pictures for the community or Councillors to properly consider them
  4. The media picked up on my comments that the proposed pissoirs were controversial, weird and a bit on the disgusting side
  5. Last Wednesday talkback radio had some “relief” from “illegal arrivals” and turned to our city and pissoirs.

Lord Mayor, I often say Sydney is for all people in the LGA, all people in the metropolitan area, all people of NSW, all Australians and a showcase for the World

The people of Australia were extremely concerned about the pissoirs. I’d like to share some of the comments with Councillors:

  1. It is against the law to urinate in public and to expose one self –the pissoirs as proposed encouraged both
  2. People felt that they would not want their children (and I’m talking those of drinking age) to go to our LGA – the pissoirs would lower the standing of our city and that’s bad for business
  3. A number of people made that point that it is not only men that have too much to drink and that our policy was sexist
  4. People went further that our pissoir proposal not only stereotyped men but men from the suburbs that come to our LGA to drink
  5. Maintenance came up as well as vandalisation
  6. The point was well made that most of the urine would end up on the street anyway and it would produce and awful smell on a hot Summers night

Lord Mayor the debate got to the level where on 2GB the “Big Maan” got involved. For those that don’t know “The Big Maan” is one of the top Rugby League commentators and characters.

The “Big Maan” has a daily segment where both men and women ask the “Big Maan” for advice on relationships, gifts to buy for their partner and what is and isn’t etiquette.

The “Big Maan” is no stranger to having an extra drink and needing a toilet quickly. He agreed the pissoirs are a digesting thought and weird. Lord Mayor, while open air outdoor urinating might be something men in Europe enjoy, it’s not the done thing here, it’s not the right thing and it’s completely un-Australian.

I urge all Councillors to support my amendment that

“Additional consultation and design work be undertaken to improve privacy, hygiene, and use by the public for pop up urinals with a report back to Council for approval”.

It may be worthwhile thinking about some other factors that have been missed:

  • Washing hands?
  • Accessibility?
  • Modesty doors?

Edward Mandla
July 2013

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