Edward Mandla
Thomas Street, Chinatown

Published On: 22/07/2013

Iím concerned that here we are again taking parking spaces away from the City and failing to consider commerce from people where walking isnít feasible.

It seems to me that at just about every Council meeting I make the point that the City of Sydney is there to share for all of the LGA, all of Sydney, all of NSW and really the world.

As we take 77% of our rate revenue from business, itís our responsibility to make sure people further away than walking or cycling distance and people out of the LGA can come to a particular Sydney business and spend money.

Iím still recovering from last Council meeting where my esteemed opposition Councillors argued people from the Western Suburbs ought to take their eskies, prams and picnic paraphernalia on public transport to Centennial Park.

To get geographic perspective on this proposal, Iím not talking about Hay Street to Utlimo Road on page 67 attachment A, Iím talking South of Ultimo Road.

Weíre proposing to take away a two way street where people quickly park their car and run out and get BBQ Pork, Duck and Asian Supermarket items. Thatís where I go and I know a number of people who donít live in Chinatown do the same.

Iím worried weíve undertaken consultation with a pack of transient renters and that weíre making a big irreversible mistake.

In addition, the Relevant To says: ďTwo submissions were received indicating their concern of reduced number of parking spaces, with the key view expressed that it would affect the viability of businessĒ.

I had thought that we were making progress from the previous Councilís hatred of car ownership and parking.

This is going backwards and I donít support this.

Edward Mandla
July 2013

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