Edward Mandla
Renaming of Miller's Point

Published On: 22/07/2013

I’ve received a lot of emails on this and a lot from out of the area with plenty of emotion.

My first inclination was: It’s come to Council before and was defeated and we don’t want to lose Millers Point or Dawes Point.

But as I starting reading, I figured Council wouldn’t have brought this matter up again if it wasn’t an issue that needed solving.

And I started to understand the frustration of residents who have endless problems for emergency, postal, taxi, delivery, utility and telecommunications services.

And then it all came together when I looked at the table on page 42 in conjunction with the map – at the conclusion of page 48.

We’re not taking away Millers Point or Dawes Point.

We’re actually better defining them.

We’re acknowledging the Walsh Bay new developments.

And there is clear and logical delineation between Walsh Bay, Millers Point and Dawes Point.

Plus we’re solving the problem of residents in new developments which can’t be found by the various services companies.

I then reread a number of the emails and felt some the authors hadn’t fully comprehended the proposal – we’re not taking away suburbs we’re acknowledging a new one on the fringe.

Let’s not forget Sydney was named “New Albion” first and a bit of regigging isn’t the end but more of a clearer future.

Edward Mandla
July 2013

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