Edward Mandla
Advisory Speed Limits on Shared Paths

Published On: 03/09/2013

Concerned about the increase in unsafe speed at which bicycle riders travel on shared paths, Edward fought for the introduction of speed limits on shared paths.

The Council has begun a trial of advisory speed limits for bike riders on three key Shared Paths locations started on Tuesday 27 August 2013 to determine the efficacy of implementing advisory speed limits on Shared Paths across the City of Sydney LGA.

The three locations include Belmore Park; Belmont Street, Alexandria and the Shared Path link from Pyrmont Bridge to King Street. The trial will be completed in mid-October.

The trial involves the measurement of bicycle speeds before and after 10km/h advisory speed limits markings are applied.

The Centre for Road Safety will also be doing state wide research into advisory speed limits on Shared Paths later this year. City staff are liaising with the Centre for Road Safety with regard to this research.

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