Edward Mandla

Published On: 13/05/2013

The issue around homelessness is a broader one than engage with, participate in and coordinate that. These are the words I always hear in Council.

I believe the attitude of the City of Sydney is to “service homelessness" rather than to find a solution.

Feed them, find them a bed and turn a blind eye as long as the footpath is reasonably clear.

Solutions are to find to real issue behind the individual. Like finding them a permanent home with a community, help them tackle alcoholism, gambling, domestic violence, and teach them skills so they can get jobs and self sufficiency.

The City of Sydney has plenty of money.

It was very prepared to spend a quarter of the homelessness budget on a 30 day Rainbow Crossing and it's planning to spend half a billion on gas powered electricity power plants.

We should do more with homelessness than “write to the Premier”.

Edward Mandla
May 2013

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