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Bike Signs and Shared Zone

Published On: 25/02/2013

My point on Monday night was that I’ve got graphical dyslexia, or symbol dyslexia where I can’t in a split second figure out what a symbol means – particularly modern hip symbols.

I understand a stop sign it says Stop.

I understand a give way it says Give Way.

I understand a Clearway because it has the words accompanying the symbol.

But these new symbols are a dogs breakfast and there’s no way a casual bike rider will ever learn them.

I’m asking for an assurance that there will be words as well as symbols.

Shared Paths

We found out also on Monday night we’ve been surveying people and – we found out that 50% feel safe in a Shared Zone – that means 50% are scared out of there wits.

I don’t see the rush on this motion.

That’s why I’d like to see that in Shared zones that Pedestrians have Absolute Right of Way and we don’t have some hip and groovy symbol but we spell it out.

“Pedestrian Priority Zone”.

I would have thought it law or at least common sense that.

The rider of a bicycle riding on a footpath or shared path must:

  1. keep to the left of the footpath
  2. give way to any pedestrian on the footpath or shared path
Shared to be a Pedestrian Priority Zone

The Council is proposing to put up a SLOW sign but it won’t define what slow is because the speed limit for a cyclist is actually whatever the speed limit is on the adjacent road – so I asked the question “You mean that in Sydney in a Shared Zone a person pushing a pram has to deal with cyclist who can ride at 50km/h – the answer was “Yes”. And what about the Hyde Park Speed Limit? There isn’t one.

I understand that shared zones for cars and Pedestrians is 10KM/h and the RMS is supporting this for Shared cycleways.

Currently, it’s all far too dangerous. We should go with 10KM/h

What the Experts Say

I understand Bicycle NSW isn’t in favour of Shared zones. The police aren’t too keen and the Pedestrian Council is mortified. Why don’t we listen to the experts?

Edward Mandla
February 2013

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