Edward Mandla
City of Sydney Bush Fire Donation

Published On: 21/10/2013

The bushfires have been devastating and it’s right that the City of Sydney help.

And that’s where this Lord Mayoral minute should have started and stopped.

Instead, more than half of the minute is a shameful political statement on climate change and global warming.

The people of the Blue Mountains and Central Coast are tough people, they know the risks and they are real Aussies that do everything to defend their homes and families before they abandon the lives they have built.

Many would never blame global warming or climate change. And many are rightly upset over back burning that gets blocked by the green movement. Lord Mayor you have insulting so many Australians with your Green mumbo jumbo in this minute – none of which would have stopped the fires.

All you have done is show that the Clover Moore Independent Party (apart from Councillor Mant) are really a pack of opportunistic Greenies who seize the opportunity to push their political agenda ahead of the suffering of people.

Adam Bant made similar comments over the weekend and rightfully got bollocked.

As for the motion that was handed out an hour ago, I have three questions:

  1. How do we know that the Red Cross NSW Disaster Relief and Recovery Appeal is the right vehicle for the City – what are the options?
  2. We are the most cash rich Council in the state – the closest thing to a money tree – why are we only giving $100,000 -less than we give to festivals
  3. With regard to Recommendation (C) I would like the Lord Mayor to walk Councillors through what the recommendations of the Senate Inquiry into Recent Trends in and Preparedness for Extreme Weather events are

I will help with answering (2) by moving an amendment that the amount be increased to $200,000. The amendment was carried despite the Lord Mayor speaking against it.

Edward Mandla
October 2013

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