Edward Mandla
Live Music Taskforce II

Published On: 18/11/2013

I made a number of suggestions on how to improve the Live Performance Plan. Thatís the role of a Councillor.

The first time I had the opportunity to discuss this item was in Committee.

Instead of being allowed to question and to suggest improvements, my contribution was reduced to that of our hapless public. I was told to make a submission.

And we know what happens to submissions in the City of Sydney. Thank you, ďwe need to make a start Ė we can change bits later. Staff have been working hard Ė itís not fair to them to wait another month.Ē

I said in Committee that I believed this Live Music and Performance Action plan is really noble, hearts are in the right place but Iím convinced as it stands itís not going to be a game changer.

Iíll keep my comments at the high level tonight.

We had David Campbell the son of the legendary Jimmy Barnes address Council and he spoke how his father was a product of live music.

I agree with him, our policy should be aimed at trying to find the next INXS, Midnight Oil or Icehouse.

Problem is, Live Music used to be where the sound of tomorrow was heard. Today, itís heard first electronically via the Internet and Social Media and that drives a live performance.

This is the new world of music. No one will come to your show if they havenít heard your music before and a lot of venues will not book you without hearing and seeing a demo. So the best way to get them to live music is to make it free Ė not even considered in the report.

So from word go, our live music policy is misguided. Itís no longer just about performance experience and performance platforms. Itís equally about technical wizardry + on-line genius.

I passionately hold there should be a focus on rehearsal space but itís rehearsal space with a massive investment in technical equipment to make recordings and videos plus access to expertise for on-line marketing and social media. This isnít accessible to the average artist.

Give this to our young artists and we will get the next batch of global superstars.

Edward Mandla
November 2013

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