Edward Mandla
City of Sydney Misguided Toilet Strategy

Published On: 06/04/2014

Too often, Council is turned into some sort of brainstorming session for staff. My expectation is that Councillors get well thought out and tested recommendations.

And so it is with the City Cares voluntary community scheme where we’re asking businesses to open up their toilets to the public. It’s a back of beer coaster idea and a new spin on Outsourcing.

The City of Sydney has a war chest of .6 of a billion – if we need toilets we should just build them or encourage new developments to put them in.

“City Cares” is a nice name but I thought the scheme already had a name: “McDonalds”, Myer, David Jones, QVB, The Westin.

I mean, how hard is it really to find a toilet in the city where the businesses are?

It’s an odd idea. Just as you’re about to walk into a nice café and see a “City Cares Toilet Scheme sign” – will that encourage you to go to the café or will it turn you off?

We should have gone to businesses and asked them.

I’m worried those awful Convenience stores will sign up o the program and Sydney we’ll get a reputation for having the weirdest toilet experience in the world.

As for the pissoirs, I note there’s $450,000 allocated to those disgusting contraptions.

I made the point last week, I don’t know who is wedded to this idea, and it mars the Toilet Strategy which overall is very good.

I just have this vision that the pissoir manufacturers keep calling out the back and keep asking when the tender is coming out?

The pissoirs are crazy and to me it seems that someone or a number of people out the back have the drinking the pissoir manufacturer Kool Aid.

I will continue the fight against them.

Edward Mandla
April 2014

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