Edward Mandla
Lord Mayoral Minute Reconciliation Week May 2014

Published On: 12/05/2014

I canít ever recall any commentator or journalist being referred to as left wing in this Chamber. If anything, such left of centre people are constantly named and praised in this Chamber.

Iím right wing and bear the brunt of many Council sniggers. Iím labelled as right wing and tonight Iím a bit hurt at the use of right wing in this item and in generalising applying to me.

We talk about reconciliation yet weíre quite prepared to label a fellow human being in this item. Itís less than lacking the courage to name the person and more about having a swipe and to be quite deliberately insulting.

Lord Mayor, I believe when you say the words ďright-wing columnistĒ on page 6 of this item you are referring to Andrew Bolt. If this is the case, I insist this be replaced immediately.

I donít believe I need to put up an amendment but will do so if required.

(The Lord Mayor refused to make the change. Under pressure and questioning the Lord Mayor confirmed she did indeed mean Andrew Bolt but would not make the change.)

Edward Mandla
May 2014

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