Edward Mandla
Lord Maroyal Minute on Business Voting

Published On: 23/06/2014

Lord Mayor, in 2002 you worked hand in hand with the Carr Labor government when you voted with them to create a elaborate scheme to silence the business vote.

The CBD produces 8% of Australia’s GDP, 25% of the State’s GDP and employs approximately 385,000 people.

78% of the City of Sydney rate revenue comes from the productive backbone of our city - small and larges businesses - and they don’t get a say.

The denial of the vote has been so cleverly crafted that the word “business” isn’t even used. Business is reduced to a being called a “non-residential voter”. A term cleverly devised by legal minds to deny business a vote, to tax without representation.

You say that they can already vote, but you have put up hurdles that make it almost impossible to get onto the roll.

I look with amusement that the Clover Moore Party member Alex Greenwich has put a notice of motion to create a register, which will add another layer for business to get onto the roll.

I note that the member for Sydney did not once make a submission to the Turner review, nor the Samson review, nor the Joint Standing Committee into Electoral Matters.

Up until last Friday, he has made no public statements about businesses voting in this LGA.

The question has to be asked, why is he now getting involved?

Lord Mayor, I’m starting to get the feeling that you’re afraid – afraid of democracy.

The introduction of an electoral business roll into the City of Sydney will add tens of thousands of small and large business minds to the decision making of Sydney.

It will end the greatest electoral gerrymander in Australia and what is “Sydney’s Silent Shame”.

The Melbourne model that is being recommended works well and has transformed Melbourne for the better.

But Lord Mayor, there is a protocol, the Premier currently has in front of him a number of reports of which he has yet to formally accept or reject. It is inappropriate to pre-empt this until he does. You of all people, know this

Lord Mayor, if you’ve been doing such a great job, don’t worry, businesses will see that and vote for you too.

Either way, with more democracy Sydney will be the winner.

Edward Mandla
June 2014

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