Edward Mandla
Webcasting of Council Meetings

Published On: 13/10/2014

Webscasting allow people who cannot physically attend a Council meeting to follow proceedings and promotes open transparency and democracy.

Edward drove a Council resolution to work toward streaming Committee and Council proceedings via the Internet. Two subsequent questions on notice were put, responded to with reassuring utterances that the matter was being dealt with, and it clear the city was stalling this important initiative.

In July 2014, Edward put on the pressure and introduced a motion to have Council meetings webcast within 60 days. Subsequently, the Lord Mayor moved a recession motion to block webcasting user her casting vote.

Edward spoke with mixed emotions on the recession motion saying either way it's a win for ratepayers.

With webcasting, the ratepayers get to see exactly how the City of Sydney runs managed democracy. A place where itís hard to tell whoís elected and who isnít.

Without webcasting, the proceedings will now be interpreted through the print media and they seem to be your harshest critics of late. Good luck with that.

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