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Candidate puts house on the line for policies

Published On: 31/08/2016

ANGELA Vithoulkas is betting her house on her policies for the City of Sydney quite literally.

The Lord Mayoral candidate has sold off an investment property she had planned to use to fund her retirement in her campaign to beat incumbent Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

Cr Vithoulkas, the first candidate to nominate for the election and the founder of the Sydney Matters independent Team, said the sale of her South Sydney property showed commitment.

“It’s my money and that’s my commitment to the people of Sydney,” Cr Vithoulkas said.

“I can’t make it any more personal..and I’m not going to get anything back from it – it’s not a federal and state issue where if I get elected then I get the money back. It doesn’t matter. Win or lose, elected or not elected, I’ll never get that money back,” she said.

While there is a “certain freedom and determination” that comes from being self-funded, the decision wasn’t taken lightly.

“That’s part of my plan B for my retirement and looking after myself financially.

“We all know women of retirement age are the new poverty line (and this could)expose me financially by making a commitment (like this),” Cr Vithoulkas.

Her determination comes from her belief that “things need to be shaken up”.

“Pay attention, really look at us, don’t assume that if you’ve always voted one way that’s the way you should always vote.

“It’s time for a change and making that change at a local level will change peoples lives on a local level immediately,”she said.

While admitting the race will be tough – “clearly I’m the underdog ... coming in without any party infra- structure or history of volunteers” – the addition of former City of Sydney Liberal councillor Edward Mandla to the team has meant the pair have been able to focus on “changing the leadership at Town Hall and fighting for the people of Sydney,” she said.

Both say there will no longer be a majority on council after the September 10 election. And they would like to see a more consultative approach to the way local government interacts with and responds to the needs of residents and businesses.

“I don’t want to toe a party line. “I like my independence and I think the people of the City of Sydney get that,” she said.

Candidate puts house on the line for policies

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